Destiny And Fate In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Page 4-5 Destiny & Fate, Effects on dreams Destiny and fate correlates with the theme that dreams will fail and die. Characters do not decide their destiny. However, they do decide their dreams. A character's fate and destiny affects their dreams. Whether their dreams come true or not, has many contributing factors. One being, their purpose in the world. One’s fate does not change, and it follows them throughout their entire life, affecting what they dream of and how they can accomplish all that they may dream of. Fate is defined as something that is bound to happen, something that is inevitable. In Capote’s, In Cold Blood, an ordinary family living their lives on a tranquil farm in Kansas was brutally murdered. Investigators tried their best to figure out why the family was…show more content…
However, the two murderers never took the time to find out more about the Clutter family. Once they realized there was no fortune, Dick did not mind. Dick’s motive for remaining inside the Clutter home was he knew there was a young girl living in the house. His motive was to rape the young girl, Nancy. Nonetheless, the other murderer, Perry Smith, had no motive for killing the Clutter family after realizing there was no fortune. That is what makes Perry Smith a psychopath. The life Perry was forced to live in caused him to commit the murders. It was fate that made Perry Smith a murderer. Perry killed because of the way he was raised to be, or not raised to be. It was inevitable that in the end, he would become a killer. A psychopath created by years of abuse and feeling nothing but hatred towards so many, Perry’s chances of becoming a murderer was inescapable. “... it is only people like Perry, ‘isolated’ and ‘animal’, who are driven by a lonely search for distant ‘mirages’ (Conniff 82). What this means is, psychopaths like Perry Smith kill because they are seeing things that others do not, they see
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