Destiny Monologue

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Do you believe in destiny? I do. I believe everyone is born for a reason. To become an adventurer, to be the hero, who slays the dragon and saves the princes in the castle, to be crowned King of the World. Those are all dreams of people I’ve come across. Sound silly? Heh, maybe. But who’s to say you won’t wake up tomorrow and find yourself in the middle of a legendary battle between good and evil? Who’s to say you won’t rescue a damsel from her captors and live happy ever after? It may very well happen… if it was your destiny.
I always thought my life should be more than what it is. I always believed that there was something great in store for me down the road. An adventure that will bring me fame and fortune. My name would be known across
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No, flies are hard to deal with, I need a different comparison. A mosquito? No. How about stray cats? Hmm…
- Well now, seems you’re the only one left, boss? Whatcha gonna doo?
- Grr, are you MOCKING ME?
- No, not at all. (well, maybe a little bit, pft)
- I will show you why everyone in this area fears ME! I am Rasal – Leader of the Bandits of Tonal, and you shall have the honor of…
Before he could finish his sentence, the man strikes him with the sword on the head and renders him unconscious.
- Little late for introductions, if you ask me.
Before I knew it, the fighting was over. The man gently brushed the dust off of his shoulder, picks up his sack and looks at his beaten opponents.
- Well now, sorry for this fellas, but I need to be on my way. My comrades are waiting for me. Until next time, Rasal the… uhm… eh. What was his title again? Nevermind.
He then promptly leaves the area.

He.. was.. SO… COOL! I am totally fangirling right now! The way he easily dealt with his opponents was amazing. He’s definitely not from around here, else I would know him. Is he like an Adventurer or something? A holy knight? Who is he? But first you want to know who I
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