Destiny Of The Republic: James Garfield's Destiny Of The Republic

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Register to read the introduction…At first I thought the book would be boring, and just another long boring book full of facts, and a dull story of James Garfield. But it actually was not, it got interesting once I realized how great of a man James Garfield was, and the hardship that he had to endure not only in his presidency, but his whole entire life. Overall this book is a great book to read if you are into history of the U.S. and is a great non-fictional story to read. The reasons why this book was so successful was because it gave so much background information throughout the whole book, it showed everyone's feelings throughout the whole book, and it wasn’t just about James Garfield. It included politics, murder, and medical all entangled together into one great book. One of the reasons why this book was so successful was because of all the information throughout the whole entire book. In the beginning of the book it was giving us information upon…show more content…
The book talked about each character at different chapters, such as Charles Guiteau. In one of the chapters it talked about Charles and his plan to kill the president, and why he wanted to kill him, and how he was going to kill him. Later in the book it also went back to the jail where Guiteau was being held, and showed his thoughts on how he shot the president, and why, and he was crazy enough to think that he would be released, and was going to run for office. In another chapter it when to Lucretia, James wife, and it talked about how she was feeling, and her thoughts when her husband was suffering from being shot. It really gave great insight on how she felt about the whole thing, and how much stress, and how many problems she had to face since her husband was in such a bad state of
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