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Destiny the genie. Written by: Anthony Ristagno aka Dr.Gurkel pid: 698137
Steve Ryan owns a pet shop of exotic birds, in Avoca Pennsylvania. The pet store has all other animals also , but Steve has been known all over the world for raising tropical and exotic birds. He got into the exotic bird market. Five years ago. With Steve’s love for children and birds, Steve loves to see the look on children’s faces when they look at the animals and the birds, Steve always had pet birds as a kid, and loves to raise them and teach them how to became hand fed and even to talk that’s where Steve makes his big-money. Just about any kind of bird with a curved shaped beak can talk if you spend time love and patience with them. Just like children.
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It sounds like she’s saying thank you and Yum in a woman’s voice. Jerry says wow that’s messed up, Jerry says okay, let’s get these animals put away, Steve said this little tiger is like a puppy. She so lovable. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her, oh well let me get her healthy first. I will do some research on how Tigers react in captivity as Steve and Jerry finished putting the animals away for the night. He says good night and a few of the birds said good night and so does destiny. Steve said to himself boy I need a vacation. 8 AM Steve is having breakfast, bacon and eggs with toast, he makes an extra plate for destiny and goes down the stairs. Steve lives above the pet store. He feeds all the animals then calls the sheik of Sudan, and tells him his blue macaw is ready to be delivered. Steve has been training this bird for over a year and he has a price tag of $300,000 American money. The sheik will send a private jet for this bird, these birds are really priceless. The plane will be here in two weeks. Steve starts the day with every bird looking for his attention. He gives the birds a slice of apple to start out the day. Good morning, 100 times each bird. Then the puppies next to go outside to
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