Deston Eason: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Deston Eason Personal narrative I lived my slow life and eventually ended up as I am currently. To begin with I lived in a house as a young boy with my mother and father, my father was abusive to my mother and while it was a miracle that I was born when I shouldn 't have due to my mother 's behalf. Thus we later moved to my grandparents. My mom and I later were living with my grandparents as my dad became slowly isolated due to his prior abuse. Although we had gotten away from most of our household problems my mother was committed to alcohol and cigarettes she also could at the time not afford her medicine that helped with her seizures. Also while living there I had fun moments like getting a good friend in fact multiple friends. After a while of living with my grandparents I got two injuries one on my hand and one on my mouth both of which I will not go into detail about. Also while I…show more content…
After I lost most companionship and lost one of my two grandpa’s we soon after moved and soon my mother found my stepfather and they got married life started to get better. I found the confidence to go against my previous ways of life which was living in fear and lashing out at anyone who came near I regret even starting this. Though life was made better by my new father we still had slight financial troubles to start with. After the majority of the commotion calmed down I was slowly changed to where I would not be aggressive nearly as much although I had to take anti depressants and other meds dealing with emotions. Although the meds help with depression and such they only minimize the effects caused by depression or should I say suppress. Life continued a little further and I had made it through the majority of life I had previously visited my grandma who is being cheated of money, and while this is happening she is making others pay for her necessities, and/or she will give the money to her “boyfriend” who is most likely across the world raking in thousands of millions of
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