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The current event I chose is "U.S. Airstrikes Destroy 116 Fuel Trucks Used By ISIS in Eastern Syria" by Robert Burns. The U.S. sent four A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes and two AC-130 Ghost/terrible thing gunships that pounded the trucks as they put together/group together near Abu Kamal, a town close to the Iraqi border. These 116 fuel trucks were used as an important part for the related to secretly and illegally taking out/bringing in something operation that brings the group about $1.4 million a day. We set them up announcing that wewould not attack fuel trucks because we could 've killed people not in the military that were innocent. ISIS was not expecting this, so it was basically a surprise attack. This surprise attack is just like when the Hillbillies had a surprise attack in the Revolutionary War, also called the Fight of Concord and Lexington. In the Fight of Concord and Lexington the British were marching through the woods and not expecting to get attacked because they just fought in lines. So that means that they weren 't going to fight people until they both saw each other and got into lines. The group of armed citizens couldn 't fight the British in lines, so they used Hillbillies to their advantage. These Hillbillies knew the woods so well that they followed the British through them, but didn 't go the same ways all the time. The…show more content…
My opinion about the attack on ISIS is that it 's a good thing we did it because ISIS deserves it. If we just hold back ISIS will get to confident and that would become very bad for us, so I think we need to keep attacking them when available because if not they will keep attacking us and that is very bad. I think they are going to start attacking bigger places because they just attacked Paris and I know they aren 't going to wait destroying more knowing them. So basically Im saying we need to keep attacking them and if not they will get to confident and attack us, but if we attack them they will get scared and

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