Essay On Divorce Destroys Family Life

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Divorce Destroys Family life

Can a family be whole without marriage? Divorce is when a married couple is legally separated and have free will to get married again or be in another relationship. Parents play an important role in the life of their children because not only do they guide their children in the right path, but they influence them by their actions and become role models to their children. Also, raising children is a work of two people, why? Couples can manage to balance out the responsibilities and regulations to children. There is always that one tougher parent than the other, making such balance in the family unit is key to a steady household. In addition, after divorce children’s principles and perspectives towards marriage differ and become meaningless that destroy the importance of a family bond. Some people claim that divorce has a positive side, but there are many reasons why divorce destroys family life. In fact, divorce lacks the factors of stability, consistence, and passion. To begin, one of the most important factors of a family is having stability. Stability is what keeps a family unit strong and secure. Children take
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Truth be told, separate does not have the variables of strength, consistence, and love. Moreover, these disadvantages of divorce can only lead to harm on the children more than it can affect the adults. Stability is the source of a strong and healthy family. Also, going through all these struggles as a family they tend to forget that in such situations it is important to let the people around you feel that they are loved and not alone. Furthermore, Families get lost in the process because it is a big change to the whole family, so in order to keep the family’s standards they should go through family therapy to be able to know how to deal in this hard situation and get over it
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