Destroying The Civil Rights: Rodney King And Oscar Grant

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Destroying the Civil Rights Rodney King and Oscar Grant cases both have racial injustice. Rodney king was in a high speed chase, he was caught; therefore, the officers pulled him out of the car and beat him. A couple of police Officers were detaining Oscar Grant then another officer shot him in the back. The beating and shooting of people, because of racial issues can and will defeat the purpose of civil rights. King's civil rights were violated when King got beat. Koon, the ranking officer at the scene of the March 3, 1991, beating, was convicted of allowing King's civil rights to be violated (13 Hackensack, N.J.). There should be equality in this world and this proves not. The beating of Rodney King violated civil rights of equality.…show more content…
LOS ANGELES--Normally quiet with sleep in the weekend dawn, a tense city rose early to witness the verdicts in the Rodney King case. Fear quickly gave way to relief and rejoicing.( 61 Hackensack, N.J.). The public was happy when the verdicts were announced guilty. This shooting of Oscar Grant suggests that america has not gotten past post racial. Two innocent black men were shot by police, one on a crowded subway platform, the other just outside his parents' suburban home. One died, the other lived. Just three weeks earlier, a seventeen-year-old black high school athlete had mysteriously died during a traffic stop in Lucedale, Mississippi.(1 Delores Jones-Brown). Three black people got shot, this also violated civil rights. Defeating the purpose of civil rights does not have to be beating but, also includes shooting people. The police officer wanted to kill Oscar Grant. The officers excuse for shooting Grant in the back was “He was reaching for his taser but accidentally pulled his handgun instead” (2 Delores Jones-Brown). This is not right because Grant was already on the ground lying face down being handcuffed, why would you get your taser out. The officer probably shot Grant because he was black and this goes against our civil…show more content…
Any indication that a police officer has engaged in violent conduct against a person based on assumptions about the group to which that person belongs, the neighborhood in which he or she is encountered, his or her style of dress, or his or her pattern of speech is a violation of the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.(18 Delores Jones-Brown). Oscar Grant's Bill of Rights were meaningless when a racist officer shot him. The police officer that shot Grant has been guilty when he shot a round out of the gun. the jury convicted former Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle of the least serious of three homicide charges--involuntary manslaughter--because none of the jurors was black. Three were Latino, one was Asian and eight were white.(2 Tracey Kaplan ). All the jurors were white this is why Johannes Mehserle got charged but, if the jurors were black he would have gotten a slap on the wrist. Not having a mixed jury means that there is no

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