Destruction In Letters Home

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There are things that war destroys that can’t always be seen. War destroys more than just the land where it is being fought. There is relationship loss, mental health destruction and can skew your sense of empathy. Loss of relationships from war? War forces you to be away from your family and other loved ones. While you are gone, your loved ones are constantly worried about your safety and are always wondering if you are alive and okay. This puts added stress on them and on you. In Letters Home the soldiers kept reiterating that the letters were keeping them sane, and how they looked forward to a letter every day. You are constantly thinking about them and hoping that you will be able to make it back to them. Once home, it is often difficult for a soldier to reconnect with his family. When he gets back, a soldier is not himself. He keeps thinking about the times where he could not save a fellow soldier. The soldier…show more content…
During war, as seen in We Were Soldiers a soldier can see some very disturbing things. It is these things, such as seeing a close friend get shot, killed or blown up that can cause severe mental trauma. The way the American soldiers always took care of their own, while heroic, was costly. The American motto is “No man left behind”, this means that no matter what shape the soldier is in, his body will not be left where he died. Seeing someone get shot, and then trying to recover him while being shot at, or holding the injured soldier as he’s bleeding to death, will cause the memories to be ingrained in a soldier 's mind for the rest of his life. Any time someone brings up the war, or asks the soldier about it, all he can think about is the time he was unable to save that one guy, or how he was holding a young soldier in his hands as that young soldier bled to death. Seeing someone die in your arms can and will cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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