Destruction Of New Orleans

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New Orleans was mainly the Confederacy. To being, the South’s was the main and the largest city; it considerable industry that sold ironclads. The more important is it controlled the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico. It was based of Waterfield Scott’s Anaconda plan. This was suffocating the south. By February 1862 General Ulysses s grant and henry s Foote combined army and naval operations. Union troops finally take position of New Orleans, completing the occupation that had begun four days earlier. By April 24, Admiral David Farragut led a parade of 24 gunboats, 19 mortar boats, and 15,000 soldiers. They surrendered on April 29, and now New Orleans had no securities and protections. Crowds did not like the Yankees as all Confederate flags in the city were brought down in a lowering position and stars and stripes were raised in their place.…show more content…
Flag waver David Farragut formed his invasion at Ship Island in a try to capture New Orleans. For the Confederacy, the key to stopping any Union to capture The New Orleans was to block the entrance of the mouth of the Mississippi River. To the start of the fall of New Orleans was January 8 1815, naval action by Union forces looking to capture the city during the American Civil War. The fall of New Orleans was the greatest and well respected city in the south. It all ended at April 25 1862. The people’s forts were approximately 70 miles away. Major General Butler was also the person who was trying to capture the fall of New Orleans but he was eventually too late. The Union would do anything in the world to capture
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