South Destroyed The Reconstruction Dbq Analysis

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South Rejection Destroyed the Reconstruction. After the civil war there were efforts sent out to reconstruct the south, and they went horribly wrong. During the civil war the south was totally destroyed. So the government decided to send help to rebuild the south’s economy and tradition. Both southerners and northerners had to rebuild the south, but a lot of southerners rejected the help and just wanted it to be back to normal with slaves and cash crops. The question to this DBQ is: “North or South: Who destroyed the rebuilding of the south’s economy?”. The south resistence destroyed the the reconstruction even though the north forgot about the reconstruction, the KKK was distracting the north from the reconstruction by harassing the government…show more content…
What the kkk was doing was main reason why the north got distracted from the reconstruction and how the south had the biggest part in killing the reconstruction. During the efforts of the reconstruction a lot of the south was trying to reject them and it was working. There were mainly two southern groups: the scalawags who supported the reconstruction and the Ku Klux Klan who really hated the idea of the reconstruction and equal rights. (Hook Exercise) The KKK was basically a terrorist group who when around killing congressmen who were for the reconstruction and equal rights. “He was foully murdered by the Ku Klux in the Grand Jury room of the court House.”(Doc A). The KKK also had first class men in their group People like Lawyers, Doctors, and government officials. “ Some are first class men in our town” (Doc B). The North was distracted from the reconstruction by corrupt Officials in grants Administration. Those members of the KKK that were lawyers and stuff were the corruption in grants administration. The south had a lot to do with killing the reconstruction. All but three of the southern states refused help from the reconstruction (Background 505). So the south really did not like the reconstruction and hated the idea of having african americans as equals. They counterclaim to this argument is that the northerners neglect killed the reconstruction, because they were focusing on the fraud in the government
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