Destructive Feedback In Personal Communication

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This is what receiver response and comment back to that conversation. This feedback is important for the communication. The feedback will help improve the work performance and provide opportunities for that. And also it helps to prevent costly mistakes.

The feedback has two different categories.

• Constructive feedback o This is a positive feedback that helps to solve problems; it is private and specific thing.

• Destructive feedback o This is a negative feedback that no solutions offered to this. And this is for public, general and delayed feedback.

The personal communication has some weaknesses of either group or individual of the organization. According to MAS there are weaknesses are identified. And to prevent these weaknesses MAS
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For these people, need to explain the details through their minds set and explain what the impact of those details is.
Low productivity This people are lazy to do their works. Because of this laziness their company might be having a drop down. Need to motivate to them to do their works effectively. Set some targets and rewards on that.
No to Teamwork Some peoples are not willing to move with team. These are single minded people. They like to be performing alone. Arrange some team works and explain the effectiveness of the team works. Set some team target.
Being debater Some people are too passionate with work. If any changes done to the company, they will question these changes. And it may be good in certain points but also it might be drive some people to wrong way. MAS have to use this people in certain time such as new planning and bargaining points. Because of the questioning the plan will implement without any issue.
Controlling The people who are trying to control their peers in the organization. They always want to take charge on particular works within their teams. If controlling is in done by good ways its lead to better outcome. Otherwise this goes wrong then MAS have to take some serious decision on that
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Used information and knowledge for above decision

The main information is stared up by UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Organization). As per the SWOT analysis, CEO thought for go change in the different industry.

The MAS has obtains the information according trough to managerial information. And this information is evaluated through different types of sector. And this information was measured by qualitative and quantitative category.

For this project MAS needed knowledge works such as engineers. And needed some working system as well as. It’s almost computerized and it’s complicated.

Recommendation to improve

• Need to check the accuracy of that information.
• CEO has to analysis the data about that project and the current status. (SWOT/PESTEL)
• Having discussion with higher level management.
• Share the relevant managerial information to each level.
• Share the quantitative and qualitative data through survey or experiment.
• Hire the qualified knowledge workers and share the knowledge work systems for the projects.
• Ensure the giveninformation’s are accurate and
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