Destructive Manifest Conflict: Case Scenarios In Healthcare Setting

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Case Scenario in Healthcare Setting This scenario is focused on manifest conflict, in specific, the destructive type. Destructive manifest conflict is a typical type of conflict between nurses and physicians. A professional collaboration amongst nurses and doctors is vital for achieving the best patient’s outcome. Doctors are strict about their obligation of diagnosing and treating their patients. They are obligated to meet the scope of nursing practice with the primary purpose of care delivery. These two roles are dependent and are the major reason for the several cases of conflict that are observed in healthcare setting. The scenario that I experienced recently at my place of work that created a huge conflict was about a 65-year-old patient that was admitted on the 3-11 shift with a history of severe anemia. Normally, when a patient is newly admitted, the…show more content…
The management wrote-up the physician and suspended the nurse from working in the facility for two weeks. “Effective resolution of conflict requires an understanding of the cause of the conflict; however, some conflicts may have more than one cause” (Finkelman, 2016, p.325). Everyone ignored their obligation, and stated that they performed their roles. The situation occurred as a result of lack of clarity and an ignorance of role performance among staff. This may be a typical for most healthcare organizations and many health consequences resulting from role denial and negligence. The healthcare team for conflict resolution was established, and both parties were interrogated. The session also included all the healthcare providers in the facility. However, it was good to know, that the conflict was resolved. Although, some of the physicians exhibited signs of dissatisfaction, the nurses also unveiled some claims that the issue was not properly handled, but after all was said and done, they were able to positively resolve the
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