Detail In Wood's The Death Of Ivan Ilyich

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“We use detail to focus, to fix an impression, to recall. We snag on it,” - Wood’s Chapter on Detail (43). Detail enables us to picture things from literature into our mind in an instant. Although, detail is not used constantly, but when it is utilized, we as readers should be experienced enough to realize the complexity and vividness of that specific detail. There are countless examples of detail in The Death of Ivan Ilyich, but, the one I will be focusing on is, “the raw, shrivelled French prunes he had eaten as a child.” Tolstoy portrays to us that Ivan’s life is soon coming to an end by providing us (readers) with many recollections and details from his childhood. Tolstoy also demonstrates how Ivan will die without truly living because he never thought about how death would turn the corner and take him and never lived his own, unique life.…show more content…
The details in Ivan’s life are present, but he doesn’t notice those details and goes right along with his work and card games; never showing any emotion towards practically anything in his life. Ivan demonstrates this lack of vision for details when he goes on to say, “It was a bore if it meant foregoing a card game, but if there was no game on, it was better than sitting home alone or with his wife” (83). By saying this, Ivan reveals how horribly he has taken his life for granted and how he has taken the people around him for granted
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