Detailed Qualitative Analysis Of Bobby Bawell's 'Bobby Jasoos'

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Chapter 3 Analysing Cinema I have taken a sample of 25 Bollywood movies from the period 1990 till 2014. I have categorized the sample into three categories that are Positive Movies, Negative Movies and Mixed movies. Detailed qualitative analysis of selected movies. Positive Bobby Jasoos Bobby Jasoos is a comedy drama film released on 4th July,2014. This film was directed by Sameer Shaikh and produced by Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha. The star of this movie is Vidya Balan with the supporting actors like Ali Afzal, Supriya Pathak, Rajendra Gupta and Tanvi Azmi. This movie tells the story of a Muslim girl, her name is Bilkis Ahmed. Her pet name is Bobby. Bobby is a Hyderabadi women who aspires to be a detective despite facing a series of…show more content…
The movie starts with Vande Matram to reinforce the concept of India, The Great. The movie proceeds further by the report of anti-terrorist unit which describes the terrorist group at the forefront of such activities is called the Al-Tahir and the leader of the group is Baba Zahir Khan. Thus, terrorists are labelled as Muslims. On the other hand, the Indians are portrayed in positive manner by giving them typical strong Hindu names like Colonel. Ranvir Singh Ranawat. The negative character of Baba Zahir Khan shown as terrorist is a bearded man who greets his brother by saying. “Thanks to Allah, our mission has been successful”. This shows Muslims responsible for all the terrorism. In the movie it is shown that there is a camp at the mountains. The camp is attacked by Indian Army. While capturing Baba Zahir Khan, Colonel. Ranvir Singh exclaims that, “I can hardly help it Zahir Khan, killing dogs is forbidden in our country” referring to Muslims as dogs. The movie aims to show the Muslims as the real culprits of an attack at the Indian parliament. They escaped after the attack, hijacked the Indian plane and captured innocent people. In the end, the Indian army and police killed them and became victorious. This film portrays Muslims as negative and bad characters. Even the sweeper of the airline is Muslim who helps the fugitives by providing them with weapons in the plane. Muslims are also portrayed as cruel, terrifying the innocent travellers of the plane. The dialogues of Indian characters are against the Muslims and Pakistan, e.g. Col Ranjiv says, it is not right to “bark so much about a country given to Muslims as charity and weapons given as alms.” After barging into mosques and temples like coward and killing innocent women and children, Muslims are still alive because Indian

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