Process Essay: The Process Of Detailing A Car

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What is detailing? Detailing of the car can be done by cleaning and reconditioning the car's interior and exterior both. It is a process by which we can restore the car's beauty. Detailing helps us to protect our greatest investment which is our car. Detailing can be done on trucks, buses, Superbikes and even on airplanes. Detailing a car is not about vacuuming a car and washing. In car detailing you have to pay attention to every tiny thing that helps to recondition the car. Always begin detailing with the car's interior. So you don't have to worry about messing up car's exterior when you are cleaning car's interior. Start with the floor mats as they are the dirtiest thing in the car because our shoe carries muds and dirt. So remove floor…show more content…
After washing doesn't use the normal cloth to rinse the car. Use microfiber towels for cleaning the car surface. The normal cloth will leave scratches on the surface of the car and it can damage the coating of the car. So to protect cars paint and the coating, do use microfiber towels for protecting the surface from scratches. After all, these done now it's time for wax or polishes the car. If you are planning to apply both car wax and car polish. First, apply polish and remove the polish before applying wax. You can use dual action polisher to remove polish or orbital buffer. Or you can remove polish by hand also. Polishing is done for getting the glossy look while the wax is used for protection. It protects the paint and coating of the car. Don't move the machine in circular motion. You can't use machine around door hinges and behind the bumper so in those areas you have to use hand and do it in a circular motion. You will need Brushes, Wash Mitt, Wash bucket, Spray bottles, Microfiber towels for better

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