Detective Fiction Research Paper

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This research paper will talk about detective fiction as a genre in literature and its development throughout the centuries.
Detective fiction basically deals with crime and finding out who did the crime followed by the facing of repercussions by the offender. This theme of crimes and sins has been prevalent since the beginning as we could see it in Biblical tales of Cain and Abel as well as Adam and Eve. In both these tales, a “crime” is committed and then the consequences are faced by them. In the tale of Adam and Eve, Eve committed the sin of eating the Fruit of Knowledge from the Forbidden Tree which was against the laws set by the God and hence was a crime. The result of this was that God drove them away from the Garden of Eden and introduced
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It was Queen’s letter which implied that she was having an affair and that could have affected her “honor”. A minister had taken the letter, but the queen couldn’t do anything about it because it would have brought the King’s attention to the letter. We get to know that the police had thoroughly searched every inch of Minister D’s hotel for three nights. In all probabilities, the minister already knew that his hotel will be searched and hence kept the letter in a place where the police wouldn’t think of searching and then vacated his hotel because he knew the secret search will take place. The height of corruption could be seen in the fact that police could easily have access to any house and search every inch of it. It would have definitely given the people a sense of being intruded and unsafe. Dupin refused to help the prefect for free and once he got the promised money, he produced the letter immediately. Then Dupin explained to the narrator how he had deduced that the minister would have hidden the letter in a place where the police’s systematical methods wouldn’t help. He saw a worn out letter and immediately understood that it would be the same letter, he replaced the letter in the next meeting at the minister’s
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