Determinants Of Health Essay

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The determinants of health (individual factors, socioemotional, sociocultural, environmental) these categories have different factors within them, affect the health of young Australians. These determinants help provide a relationship (e.g. education & income) between health trends and health status.

The individual factors directly come from the individual they are, knowledge, skills & attitudes and genetics. Young Australian’s health-related skills, attitudes towards health and health knowledge can influence their health behaviours and their current and future health status. A person’s knowledge about health provides them with the ability to acquire health-related skills.

A young individual’s knowledge enables young people to be be informed about health risks e.g. smoking, high sugar diet & no
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smoking, alcohol abuse

An individual’s heredity is determined by their chromosomal make-up, (the genes that were passed down from their biological parents). Heredity can be a risk factor for young Australians because there are certain diseases that are known to be inherited. They include asthma, type-1 diabetes, some cancers and heart disease, these can impact on the life expectancy & overall health (physical, mental, social) of young people.

Sociocultural factors include family, media, peers, religion and culture. These factors can have a significant impact on the health status of young Australians. They can have a positive & negative impact of the health of young Australians.
Family has a strong impact on the health and well-being of youth in Australia e.g. Young people with lone-parent households(L-PH) have poorer health than those with two-parent households(T-PH). E.g. Young people with L-PH are more prone to drug-abuse (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, marijuana) than those with T-PH this can affect their mental (e.g. addictions, depression), physical (cancers, organ damage) & social (e.g. anxiety)
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