Determinants Of Tourism Essay

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1. Explain three tourist demands which are determinants to tourists travelling to Fiji. [3 Marks] The demand for tourism is determined by the internal factors such as the motivation of the tourist, what the tourist wants, and the determinants of personal situation that determines whether a tourist can travel. The determinants to tourist travelling to Fiji also include accommodation, different types of travellers visit Fiji and there is a place for everyone in Fiji, there are number of five star resorts that offer super class dining and facilities. Also the tourist demand which determines for the tourist to travel to Fiji is activities, Fiji experience makes tourist happy and the types of activities include relaxation around the pool, picnic…show more content…
Attractions are the central aspect of tourism, discuss the aspects or characteristics of tourism attractions. [5 Marks] Attractions are those elements in a product which define the choice made by a tourist to visit a particular destination rather than another. There are diversity of attractions such as manmade, natural, event related and activity based One of the aspects of tourism attractions is climate conditions whereby though climate is a big seller, the destination must be accessible as well, the destination should offer something that visitors cannot get at home, Visitors like to be kept informed of the bad weather conditions that they have left, Recreational facilities that is the destination should have a variety of options, not just a single option. Some of the aspects of climate conditions are; Warm weather where people like to relax by a beach. Some of the other features include the ownership of a management structure, a special event taking place at one of the venue it helps managers and planners to understand potential demand for the attraction and the most current marketing tactics to adopt. 6. Explain how important is the Facilities to tourism and how each can have an impact to the Tourism Industry. [5

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