Determinants To Tourist Traveling To Fiji

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1. Explain three tourist demands which are determinants to tourists traveling to Fiji. Tourist demands are those elements that tourists want to experience when they visit a particular destination. There are variety of things for the tourists to practice and do no matter where ever one person is in Fiji. The first tourist demand which determines for the tourist to travel to Fiji is activities, Fiji experience makes tourist happy and the types of activities include relaxationaround the pool, picnic on a perfect white sandy beaches. To add on, sport adventure out on the Fiji’s most famous natural reserves. For the other travelers they can choose a spar wellness treatment for instance, wedding bridal packages for the most memorable event such as enjoying the exclusive Senikai Brial packages for the wedding as the for an unforgettable tropical practice., for the other sports tourist they can stroll around the golf course. Further to this, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and touring can also be some of the activities for the tourists in Fiji. Moreover, the second tourist demand which are the determinants to tourist traveling to Fiji include the accommodation, different types of travelers visit Fiji and there is a place for everyone in Fiji, there are number of five star resorts that offer super class dining and facilities. To add on there are also numerous backpackers with huge variety of affordable hotels and island resorts that offer eco tours or jus cheerful

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