Determination In Shakespeare's 'Annabeth'

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Percy showed a lot of courage when he accepted the quest to face all of the takes courage to accept the challenge to go out into the world and fight the monsters. ”do you miss being on the quest” luke asked percy after his quest, “what, with monsters attacking me every meter.” There are clearly lots of monsters on the quest because when annabeth said “so far so good, ten miles and no monster attakces” she sounded a bit surprised and glad but also worried that there were lots of monsters waiting for them around every corner.Percy showed lots of courage and so did annabeth but annabeth also showed determination.

annabeth showed determination to want to go on a quest.Annabeth was very determined to go on a quest because. “arrived to camp when she was seven years old.” And “annabeth has been looking for a quest for many years.”.She was definently was determined because when percy came to the camp she kept saying that “he must be the one.” The oracle had said that someone would come to the camp and be given a quest that she could go on. Annabeth showed determination and so did grover, grover was determined to help and look after percy.
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When ever percy was by himself grover was super sensitive about whether there were monsters around to hurt percy, “I can smell monsters again.” At the start of the book at yancy academy grover tried to help percy “Wait!’ Grover yelped. ‘it was me! I pushed

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