Determination In The Truman Show

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7_Hunter_Determination Our society today consists mostly of a bevy of childish adults wanting to achieve their goals without hard work and expecting life to be handed to them on a silver platter. Are you one of them? Will you instead be rigorously determined to carry out whatever it is you are supporting? We must ask ourselves what the true definition of determination is. Determination is the willingness to persevere amidst a hard time or obstacle in life. Determination is evident in the movie, “The Truman Show” because of Truman’s will to find out the truth and the refusal to give up in the midst of difficult, confusing times. In the film “The Truman Show”, Truman, the main character, is being deceived brutally. He is told that he lives a completely normal life, but that is far from the truth. Instead, his entire being is one large, elaborate TV show. His friends, family, and anyone else he had ever “loved” in life were just a lie, all paid actors. It is not until after he is older that…show more content…
Yes, I have been through some very grueling times, like when I had a 58 in science after being absent for just two days! When I was presented with that problem, I studied very diligently, I re-watched all of my platitudinous lectures over and over again. I was determined to bring my grade up. I spent abounding hours (which felt like days) studying, improving my skills and working to come out on top. Finally, all my hard work got me to where I wanted to be. We are all going to be faced with arduous times and, as they may not be as bad as your entire life being a masterful lie or as small as a low grade in biology, we can overcome anything we face. With these issues in tow, we can eradicate any problem as long as we are determined. Keep progressing and it will all pay off in the

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