Detrimental Variations In Construction

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Variation is a common circumstances in construction projects. Variation always occur in construction project and it is carry an important right from the inception until the completion of a project (Halwatura and Ranasinghe, 2013). According to Aftab, Ismail and Mohamad Faris (2014) variation as in the contract get involved with the modification of the original scope of works. The sources of variation can come from many factors. Variation can cause conflict and disapproval among the parties involved in construction projects (Aftab, Ismail and Mohamad Faris, 2014). In addition, it is very necessary to control variation in construction project. A clause is provided in the most standard forms of a contract which the client or his representative…show more content…
A study by Ibbs et al (2001) as cited by Arain and Low (2005) showed that there are two types of variations. There are beneficial variations and detrimental variations. Beneficial variations are those that give benefits such as help to improve quality, reduce cost and difficulty in the project. Detrimental variations are those that lessens the owner value or have negative impact to the project. The parties involved should take the advantages of beneficial variations when there is an opportunity and also alert to the potential effects of variations in order to minimize their impact on the project (Arain and Low, 2005). The basic principles for variation management are identify variation for promoting a balanced variation culture, recognize variation, diagnosis of variation, implement variation, implement controlling strategies, and learning from past experience (Arain and Low,…show more content…
The challenges are related to time, cost, quality, productivity and disputes among the parties involved especially in consultant’s side also included (Halwatura and Ranasinghe, 2013). The challenges if not being resolved it will disturb the consultant’s works thus effect the project performance. As mention by Richard (2016) one of the best method to manage variation order is by identifying the challenges and prevent the negative consequences. Therefore this research explore regarding management of variation order by consultant, in perspective of the challenges and strategies according to the process of variation order’s

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