Detroit Verification Project Analysis

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In the 1960’s, Detroit was the fourth wealthiest city in the United States. However, on July 18, 2013, Detroit became the largest city to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. This historical booming “arsenal city for democracy” has transformed into “empty apartment buildings, factories consumed the landscape and vacant homes”. Detroit’s census data has shown that twenty-five percent of the population has declined over the last decade. (Moreland, James. "Detroit Is an Example of Everything That Is Wrong with Our Nation." N.p., 23 Aug. 2015. Web.) Over the past few decades, Detroit, also known as the “Motor City,” has gone from being a great metropolis to a decaying city that is 20 billion dollars in debt. With aging infrastructure, extreme poverty,…show more content…
In order for this to happen, leaders and citizens must collaborate and design a sustainable kickstarter gentrification project. The project should involve funding from local community residents, and anyone who wishes to see a new and improved Detroit. Once funding goals are met, the creator and team behind the project can hire top architects, developers and city planners to design a state of art business district that includes vibrant restaurants, entertainment and extensive public transportation. With these facilities in place, residential opportunities will become a hot commodity. Modern homes will be built and reform will occur in schools. Below are a few pictures which will depict a new and improved…show more content…
To spread the word about improving the city of Detroit people need to learn about the issues and know that they can really make a difference. To gain awareness and followers in our revolution we will be highlighting the use of social media. The citizens of Detroit will post pictures of the poverty in their living environments such as neighborhoods, schools, and parks. This is targeting the use of pathos. Seeing these pictures, people will feel anger towards the conditions people are living in, and happiness by seeing people volunteering to clean up the city. Through these images, people will want to help make a change and join the revolution. We will be focusing on the most popular uses of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We will be spreading awareness of our new-city revolution by creating a hashtag; #NewDetroit. Anytime someone posts this hashtag it will all be stored into one direct database and can be seen by whoever else clicks or writes this hashtag. Another very important site for our new-city revolution is Kickstarter. It will show the amount of pledges that agree to move to Detroit if we raise enough money. However as what Gladwell states in his article this structure makes people more likely to adapt to low-commitment, low attachment kind of agreements. Such like this one which has no financial penalty if anything falls through. People will be able

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