Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Deus Ex: Mankind divided is a futuristic, first person shooter, and roll playing game. It was made by Eidos Montreal. Mankind Divided takes place in the year 2029 in a city known as Prague and the main character goes by Adam Jensen. Jensen has robotic body parts, known as an augmented human, that give him abilities that differ from a normal human. After the aug incident, where augmented humans killed thousands of people, normal humans began to segregate the augmented. Adam has been tasked to put a stop to the segregation “for a new Interpol taskforce” (“Savage”). Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has interesting game play mechanics and character customization, but the plot has confusing moments. Mankind divided has multiple customization aspects.…show more content…
According to Finnegan, his body cannot handle all of the abilities at once, which resulted in a system reset. The player now has to find out how to customize Jensen to fit their play style. Jensen can be a hacking mastermind or a fighting machine depending on how the player customizes him. Some examples of these abilities include a way to make it through toxic gas and a glove that allows the player to hack remotely. The player can easily mess up. For example, say that Jensen was customized with hacking abilities. Then the player begins hacking away and sneaking around vents. As Finnegan said, sometimes the player can run into an object too heavy to move. If only the player had thought about customizing Jensen in both strength and hacking. Mankind Divided also limits how much the player can customize because Jensen can only take a certain amount of abilities at a time. In some cases, the player makes a choice about what abilities to use and not use. The different ways to customize Jensen makes the game strategy to make sure the player customizes Jensen in a way that compliments their play style.
The game has positive aspects, but it also has one negative one. The plot is sometimes hard to follow. Mankind Divided throws so much information that can cause the player to become lost. The player can easily become lost as to what happened in the main story because side quests can take hours to complete. The plot also feels rushed during the second half and ends rather abruptly, which made the game’s ratings decrease. While easing the player into the ending could cause the game to go on for a longer time, this will allow the game to come to a refreshing
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