Deutsche Bank Case Study

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Deutsche Bank, the leading bank in Germany, is known to be one of the largest banks worldwide, offering its services to millions of customers around the world. In recent events, Deutsche Bank has been going through several problems, which led the company to seek out for a new resolution headed by its two CEO’s. Although, due to the lack of performance from the former, John Cyran was commissioned to effectively address this concern.
It has been reported that Deutsche Bank has a net loss of € 6.0 billion due to several costs and scandals in the past years. Consequently, this alarming issue has not only affected the company but the banking industry and other international business communities as well. With this, Deutsche Bank aims for an alternative solution which is to restructure the operations of the company and lay off employees to recuperate from its losses.

Deutsche Bank Announces Net Loss Deutsche Bank AG (DB), currently based in Frankfurt am Main, was incorporated in 1870 and is now one of Germany’s leading banks. Not only is DB one of Germany’s largest companies, but DB is also ranked as the 8th largest bank worldwide in terms of assets worth 2,067,146 million US dollars, as ranked by Accuity. The bank provides numerous of services such as commercial, investment, retail, and transaction banking to their clients, along with other financial management aiding services. These services extend to their 28 million clients within and outside of Germany. DB’s global presence

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