Deutsche Bank Case Study Solution

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Executive Summary
This report is written to describe the potential threat of digital disruption that Deutsche Bank is facing in 2016: new ventures and incumbents in the European market are building seamless digital platforms that are attracting a growing number of customers and challenge the traditional Retail Banking model and value proposition.
In the “Introduction”, an analysis of the evolution of the Retail Banking industry and new incumbents is provided. In the report is included a comparison between the theory of disruptive and big-bang innovation and the case of Number26, together with an inquiry about the technologies underlying such platform. In the “Conclusions” and “Recommendations” sections, the report identifies possible improvement
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Deutsche Bank management should leverage the advantages it already has, for example its customer base, and rethink about its strategy and approach towards investments.

Transform customer relationships leveraging actual customer base: customers want seamless and personalised banking experience, as the report has discussed, thus Deutsche Bank should leverage big data and analytics technologies, in order to get to know their customers better. As a result, the bank will develop superior customer-tailored and integrated platforms. Moreover, gathered information will support the automation of customer service and the implementation of new ways of attracting and retaining clients.

Re-think about its operational model through digitization: the traditional banking model is no longer able to respond to modern customer needs. Deutsche Bank should concentrate its efforts on the creation of functional digital platforms, leveraging the technologies that the smaller ventures are using in the development of integrated solutions, and rethink the role of its branches, transforming them in extensions of its digital

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