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We live in a society where a set of norms is existing and thousands of thoughts and views clash. Every person has his own views, own way to live and own answers to same questions. Despite, having different views and different approach to similar situations, we tend to accept and react similarly on certain situations. It is not that we think similar on those particular situations as being a human but it is so that we follow the same set of norms blindly without questioning the cycle. We are draped in the Cloth of Norms in which the wounds and scars of people are hidden. Perhaps people adhere to such norms in society by clinging to the string of excuse which is called Social Relations. We live in a country where development is at fast pace. However, the one who is newest born in the family accepts the norms without questioning them. Is it that a human mind is deprived to such a level that…show more content…
If a person does something which he desires but if the desire is against any norm then society will not accept that man’s character. It is said that a man is a ‘Social Animal’ and can’t aloof himself and it is true that a man can do anything to live in a society and so he can easily accept the social norms because the one who can leave the society is a Rishi. There are several beliefs on which several conflicts take place and several things are accepted. It is said that every person has his own role in this society and one has to play their respective roles to maintain the stability. If someone does something beyond their roles, they are questioned. However, the beliefs of society snatches ones freedom and when one attempts to step out from the shed of orthodoxal beliefs then quarrel among people takes place and when the situation becomes chaotic the person ends up accepting the situation and lives with the beliefs that gradually churns the

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