Developing And Underdeveloped Country Essay

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Comparisons between characteristics of a developed, developing and underdeveloped country
The three countries that I have chosen for my comparison are Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. All three countries were former colonies of the British, Dutch and French respectively. The three countries became independent within a few years of each other and they geographically lie in the same region, but their development stories are wholly different. The Human Development Index (HDI) and the Gender Development Index (GDI) are the best measures of development in any country. They focus on the Life Expectancy Rate, the Literacy Rate and the Income per capita of every citizen in a country. I’ve chosen a few characteristics for my comparison which constitute why each of these countries’ is developed, developing and underdeveloped. These characteristics do play an important role in calculating the HDI and GDI too and they include;
• Political Stability
• Basic Infrastructure
• Foreign Trade Singapore is the country that it is today because of strong foundations laid by its political establishment in the 1960s, particularly by Lee Kuan Yew, who is considered the Father of modern Singapore. A former colony plagued by problems of unemployment and poverty the country has risen to No.11 in the HDI due to the
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The country has moved on from the horrors of the 1970s, but much needs to be done. The garment sector, construction and services drive the country’s economy and its growth rate is steady. However, corruptions concerns remain high and this one of the reasons the country has taken time to attract investment from outside. Poverty in the country has been declining though at a slower than expected rate. The country is looking to make up for lost time by cultivating better relationships with neighbouring countries, particularly

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