Developed Countries: Similarities And Differences

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(Developed country)

(Developed country)

MALAWI (Developing country)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Developing country)

Similarities and Differences
There are many differences between developed countries and developing countries. For example, a developed economy has a higher life expectancy rate compared to a developing economy, where the life expectancy rate is significantly low. Developed countries have a high level of literacy for both male and female, where developing countries face a very low literacy rate as well as gender inequality. Developed countries have limitless safe water supplies, whereas developing countries have limited unreliable and dirty water
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Developed countries also have stable governments, resulting in no to very little corruption.
Developing countries have significantly higher birth and death rates compared to developed countries. The lack of contraception used and medical facilities available, poverty and the lack of education are the main causes of high population growth and death rates in developing countries.
The reason for the low literacy rates in developing countries is because they have unstable governments which in turn do not provide good education for the country. The government has a low percentage of public expenditure allocated for education due to corruption found in developing country governments. This will result in poor health and hygiene, unemployment and a significantly low economic growth rate. Human and natural resources will become scarce and diseases will spread more
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People will remain uneducated and as a result the countries will not develop economically. Corruption will soar and hygiene, health care and the standards of living will continue to decrease dramatically.
Developed countries indeed have a much better standard of living in comparison to the developing countries. Developed countries are sustainable and have a relatively high level of economic growth and security. Developing countries, however, have a low standard of living, they compromise the standard of living for future generations and have a low level of economic growth and security.
Developed countries are run by stable and non-corrupt governments whereas developing countries are run by unstable, unfair and corrupt governments who do not look out for the wellbeing of the country.
Developed countries offer good education which enable the people of the country to gain the necessary knowledge to further increase the economic development of the country. Developed countries also have the necessary technologies to help preform the necessary tasks to increase economic growth and development. People in developed countries enjoy their lives as they maintain wealth, technologies such as mobile phones and televisions and maintain a limitless amount of safe

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