Developing Effective Telephone Communication: The Importance Of Telephone Communication

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Modern technology provides faster and efficient ways to communicate with others. Communication undergoes constant change with the emergence of advanced technologies and this necessitates developing diverse set of competencies among the learners. In the globalized era telephone skills have become the core of competencies in every field of activity, engineering, science, technology, trade and commerce for instantaneous communication. Hence developing effective telephone communication competencies is imperative for result oriented interaction in the business world. Though telephone conversation plays a crucial role in the professional life of engineers many of them fail to acquire requisite competencies, as emphasis on the use of telephone not been given due credence in the English as a second language (ESL) curriculum. Consequently the engineering graduates encounter a variety of problems while speaking over the phone.
Developing English language proficiency competencies does not necessarily mean proficiency in telephone skill. There is a misconception that developing communication skills would automatically result in acquiring telephone communication skill. Interacting over the phone is entirely different experience as there are no visual contacts or visual clues. Effectiveness of the communication on the phone lies exclusively on the tone, pitch, volume, modulation of the voice and the spoken words. A combination of good verbal skills and polite and friendly

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