Development In Child Development And Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development

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Jean Piaget is a scientist who was interested in studying of cognitive development in childhood. the common assumption in psychology before Piaget's theory, it was that children are merely less competent thinkers than adults. (5) According to Piaget, children are born with a basic mental structure on which all following learning and knowledge are based. (5) Piaget's theory consists of four stages cognitive development. The first stage called Sensorimotor stage, it is from birth to two years. During this stage, infants are aware only of what is in front of them, they just pay attention to what they are seeing, doing, or physically interacting with. (6) Infants immediately start to increase their knowledge about the world through trial…show more content…
In fact, they are the most effective influence for their children. Parents can affect their children’s development Infants and Childhood development !5 based on various factors which primarily include: direct interaction, emotional identification, and family stories. Direct interaction, which is the easiest way to communicate with children, involves praising or rewarding the children for doing something good or punishing them in case they did an undesirable action as well as the transferring knowledge. (11) For example, if the children asked for a candy in a polite way, they will get praised for it and rewarded as a consequence. However, if they yelled and asked in a rude way, they would be punished for their bad behavior. In addition, the parents would have achieved another goal which is transferring an understanding to their children. Emotional identification, which is the second factor, is that children between the age of four to five will start to unconsciously think and believe that if their parents have a characteristic, they will also have it. (11) For instance, a boy whose father is aggressive or fearless or may be popular will believe that he has these attributes too.…show more content…
The second aspect is the cognitive development which related to Piaget’s theory. Piaget’s theory is all about the cognitive development of childhood. Piaget was interested in how the child learns things and in the way the child think, so he studied the child from infancy to the adolescence. Also, Piaget believed that all the stages are universal, and every child in the world will go through these stages. The third aspect is the social development which can be explained by Erickson's theory. Erickson's theory has eight stages which depend on each other. Also, these stages describe child development and contain two sides(negative and positive) that can be determined by the way that the infant is developed. Finally, there are some factors which affect the infants' development, Parenting attitude and style in children are one of them. Direct interaction is the most efficient way of influencing the children as well as making up the character of the children. However, emotional identification and relatives’ stories are primarily associated with the confidence rate of the children, therefore, affecting their expectation about either success or failure in the
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