Development Of The English Language: The English Writing System

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The English Writing System Children around the world whether they are monolingual or bilingual start to learn English or any other language in the preschool years and they begin to understand what it means to be an English speaker. Every language has its own system in writing, speaking and reading. English writing system is an alphabetic system and According to Henry Rogers, "Writing is systematic in two ways: it has a systematic relationship to language, and it has a systematic internal organization of its own" (Writing Systems, 2005). Children usually grow up in communities where literacy practices plays an important part in the environment around them. There are specific genres of text that can be recognized way before learning individual letters, for instance toilet signs, street signs and so on. Children sometimes try to imitate everything adults do with magazines, computers and pens that are associated with literacy in order to join their literate world. Emergent literacy was the first discoveries of reading and writing that was described by Teale and Sulzby, 1988 (Daniel and Barbara 109). Emergent literacy can be defined as the earliest phrases of the literacy development, the period between birth and the time when children read and write (Sulzby and Teale, 1996, p. 728). It is also refers to the reading and writing behaviors that precedes literacy development. There are two main writing systems identified as the basis of the different writing

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