Developmental Changes During Adolescence

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1.1 Introduction: India has one of the world’s largest adolescent populations. Every fifth person in the country is an adolescent in the age group of 10-19 years (Prathiba Raju 2014). Adolescence is the crucial, transition period of development from childhood to adulthood. It starts with the onset of puberty and ends with an individual assuming adult roles and responsibilities. It is a period often signaled by tremendous spurt in growth and development. The physical, intellectual, emotional, and social developmental changes that occur during adolescence are only second to infancy (WHO 2016). The developmental changes that occur during early adolescence influence not only their emotional skills but also their physical and mental abilities. As the Adolescents grow they tryout new way of doing things and they take great effort to develop independence. The values and skills that they develop during this period have a great impact on their wellbeing and to become a contributing member of the society (UNICEF 2014).…show more content…
Physical changes involve rapid growth and development of bones and muscles, secondary sexual characteristics, sexual maturity and onset of sexual activity. There is a rapid gain in height and weight and more concern is towards their physical appearance and body image (Erin Morgan

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