Developmental Milestones In Child Development

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Developmental milestones are very important scales to track a child's development and determine if a child is growing properly. Most parents are excited to witness the growth and progress of their child's abilities throughout childhood. Although, developmental milestones are important ways to track a child’s maturation, it has some limitations. Developmental milestones can vary for each individual child since children develop at their own pace. There also others factors that can delay a child's development that parents should be aware of. Theresa seems to be a little delayed in some areas of physical development, however she is meeting her milestones for her cognitive development. Although, Theresa is progressing slower than others physically, her parents should not be too alarmed. Theresa seems to be on target with her gross motor skills since she is able to walk independently. Theresa is also able to hop and stand on one foot which suggest that she is confident with her gross motor skills. She is also able to actively engage in a game…show more content…
Theresa seems to be in Piaget's preoperational stage since she is able to engage in make believe play. This stage suggests that Theresa is able to use her imagination during play. Although, Theresa's language is not fluent being able to engage in pretend play suggest that she is able to use mental representation and mimic sounds. Berk (2010) suggest, that toddlers who are able to engage in pretend play is aware and have an understanding of the real word. Theresa may be capable of associating real world experiences and acting them out creatively during pretend play. Although, Theresa language is not fluent, however her parents should not be concerned. Most children language develop between ages two and six (Berk, 2010). Theresa may have a more difficult time speaking because she is bilingual. Children who have to acquire multiple languages may take longer to
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