Developmental Perspective Of Human Development

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Developmental psychology is a broad area of study that explores the development of humans over time, examines the ways they develop over the course of their lifespan and how the cultures evolve. Those who work in this field seek to improve their understanding of how people learn and adapt to changes over time. Developmental psychologists work in hospitals, educational institutes, military and assisted living facilities. They also conduct research and teach in higher education or government institutes. People continuously experience many physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, and emotional changes throughout their lives. It is the job of developmental psychologists to study these changes and develop theories that explain development in terms of a progression through life stages. Developmental psychology focuses on many factors that influence human development.
The developmental psychology deals with debates such as nature vs. nurture. Most theorists in the field seem to agree that both biological and environmental factors influence how an individual develops, however there is still some dispute over the contributions of each area. Researchers in the field also study whether development is a continuous process or one that occurs in a series of qualitatively different steps, whether development varies across cultures, and how different theories of development relate to build the most thorough explanation of human development possible. Greater understanding of the such
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