Developmentally Appropriate Practices Essay

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Greeting Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board Members, it has been brought to my attention that the board has approved a new state-mandated, textbook-based curriculum to be implemented in the kindergarten classrooms. As the parent of a child that will be entering kindergarten in the fall, this decision causes me great concern. It appears that your decision was reached without considering what would be best for the child. Highly qualified teachers are aware of the importance of promoting the optimal learning and developing of young children, and this can be achieved through Developmentally Appropriate Practices. Developmentally Appropriate Practices are the “best practices” that meets the needs of each child on their individual developmental…show more content…
Some consider kindergarten to be a lot like preschool. However, with the focus on school readiness, many kindergarten classrooms, look more like a primary classroom than a kindergarten. The teachers should be responsible for the developmental, individual, and cultural variation in the classroom, and I don’t feel that the newly approved state-mandated, textbook-based curriculum will allow teachers the freedom needed to perform this task successfully. In my opinion, I think that each teacher should be allowed to choose a curriculum that best fits her values and beliefs. I know that this is impossible; however, I have provided the board members with three other alternatives.
(1). The Montessori Method focuses on teachers being the guide in the classroom. Children decide how they want to work and play and with who.
(2). Reggio Emilia approach, the teachers create their curriculum, after observation of the children. The children express themselves through art.
(3). The Waldorf approach focuses on children learning about the world around them through play. Art and music are part of their daily activities. The emphases are on play, not
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