Deviance And Crime As A Society

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Deviance and crime and how a society deals with the issues raised by these acts can inform a sociologist about a society’s culture. Sociologists who study different theories have different views of deviance and crime. Additionally, globalization has led to an increase in cross-border crimes of many types. A key concept of this chapter is the difference between deviance and crime. Deviance is any thoughts, beliefs, characteristic, or actions that go against social norms. Typically, but not all the time, deviance results in punishment. Crime is deviance, but it is a violation of a written law, not just a norm. All crime is deviance, but not all deviance is crime. Someone picking their nose is an example of deviance, but it is not a crime. Those with a lot of power in society, either politically or financially, have the ability to influence the definition of deviant. However, what is considered deviant is constantly changing. The “hook up” culture present on a college campus and for many 20 some year olds, is an example of this. Not too long ago, engaging in sexual acts while not in a committed relationship would be considered a deviant act. Now, it is considered normal. Many people also live with their significant other before marriage, another once considered deviant act. Since these acts are now the norm, does this mean not engaging in sexual acts is considered a deviant act? When can something that was once considered a norm become a deviant act? Each

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