Deviance And Social Control Essay

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According to what we have learned in the book, Deviance and Social Control, A Sociological Perspective, the relationship between deviance and social control should be looked at in three ways. First, why deviance occurs, second, why some behavior may or may not be considered deviant, and finally why some individuals are more likely to be defined as deviant. (pg. 13) Throughout history, each culture has unique norms that are acceptable to that group of people. Therefore, to establish and accept these basic norms, each society must develop its own strategies and techniques, which are clear in today’s society. However, there will always be some that deviate from these norms, so for this activity the relationship between deviance and social control that we will be looking at is how society responds to the deviance. If I were in control of building a better vision of social control or how society responds to the…show more content…
These drug addicts need rehabilitation, not jail time. Going to jail teaches them how to be real criminals. These addicts are being put in jail with murders and con men. These addicts are not criminals, they are just people like you and me that got involved in the wrong thing or were just trying to make a living for their family, and knew no other way to do it. These drugs that these addicts are addicted to are hard drugs that mess with their perception of reality. Let’s detox these people in a rehabilitation center with people who are there just like they are, for the same reason they are. Let’s teach them other things that they can do with their time, teach them a trade, so that when they are released back into the real world they can find a job in their trade, so that they do not have to resort back to selling drugs to make a living for themselves and their family. I feel this is a much better way to deal with these people so that we do not have to spend our tax money for them to sit in jail and learn how to be real
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