Deviance And Social Device: A Dysfunctional To Society

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Deviance is when a person strays from the normal standards. Gangs show deviant behavior because they deviate from the social norms of obeying the law and conform to the gang behavior of violence and criminal acts.
For many kids a gang is the closest thing they have to a family. They feel safe and secure in their gang because their “brothers” have their backs.
Deviance allows society to distinguish between right and wrong. People are able to see acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Gangs members provide a family and protection to its gang members.
The dysfunction of deviance includes a treat to the social order and confusion about the social norms. If you disobey or betray the gang you will get punished. In the video a “family member” was caught stealing in family territory and was beat with a stick for punishment. Gang members often steal or even kill someone in order to get initiated. This serves as a dysfunctional to society because the gang members often harm the law abiding citizens.

A Class Divided
The teacher told the students that he blue eyed kids in the classroom were better than the brown eyed kids. She gave the blue eyed students special treatment, like more recess time on the playground. She told the brown eyed students that they could not drink out of the same water fountain or play with the blue eyed students. The teacher blamed the brown eyed people for everything because the blue eyed was superior. The next day she switched the roles, where now the brown
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