Deviance: Definition Of Deviance Admiration, And

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There are two approaches to defining deviance that I believe best explains deviant behavior. Heckert and Heckert 's (article 2) Integrated Typology and Becker’s (article 3) Labeling Theory, to me, make the most sense. Heckert and Heckert (article 2) take an innovated approach to defining deviance by recognizing the many facets that exist within the term. By acknowledging four different types of deviance, Heckert and Heckert (article 2) explain how deviance can present itself in various fashions. Through their use of integrated typology, deviance is defined using four terms: Negative Deviance, Rate Busting, Deviance Admiration, and Positive Deviance. Heckert and Heckert (article 2) recognize that deviance can be seen as both positive and negative

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