Deviance In Fight Club

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I chose to rewatch a film for my observation. The film I watched was “Fight Club”. This film is an example of the complete opposite of US cultural values. It focuses on destroying material comfort and individuality. The narrator who was once a man driven by material possessions is completely changed by Tyler Durden a man who is fuelled by chaos. The only character that is what the US would consider normal or valued is Tyler because he demonstrates hegemonic masculinity through being a hunter, a fighter, masculine, and a leader. To paraphrase the move he is whatever man aims to be in every way possible, which is why the narrator creates this alter ego. This alter ego runs on deviance and crime which is not a social norm in American culture. Tyler Durden starts clubs where men go to fight and recruits people for a project called “Project Mayhem,’ where he aims to destroy all the materialistic capitals in the US to bring people back to value a life in the hunter gather type way instead of being so involved in being “special snowflakes” or what kind of print you need to have when you buy your next couch.
Tyler Durden aims to break down formal and informal control. He even
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Tyler Durden and the narrator want to better a society they think is flawed. By breaking down today’s materialistic culture and destroying the concept of racism obviously goes against US values, but true equality and personal freedom are both US values Tyler Durden harps on. All in all “Fight Club” showes viewers that if you strip everybody down and take away our overly priced goods, and focused on our true biological beings that our society would be better of. Us as human beings have urges but the social contract theory keeps us in line “Fight Club” make viewer wonder what would happen if we could be absolutely free, and is personal freedom the basis of the US values actually
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