Deviance In The Society

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What is deviance? Deviance is the description of actions of behaviors that violate the social norms, or values of formally enacted rules in a current society or place. It is the extent that sociologists carry in the study of how the norms and values of deviance are created, and how they improve or decline over a period of time inside a society. Deviance is something that is already implemented into society, no matter what is done there will always be deviance towards the norms of that society. Looking into cultural values and norms we can affirm deviance, here we can truly see what values and norms are currently accepted into that society and what is not accepted.There are millions of reasons why deviance can come up in a society , some of these are poverty, illness, necessity, injustice, cultural goals, the means of people that are available to reach that goal, groups of people and many others. Deviance is seen in many different cultures, especially the poor one. Poor people tend to rely on deviance to be able to succeed in their lives, especially in the United States. For example African American and white people in the United States tend to be more deviant due to the environment they live in. African Americans represent 30 percent of property crime arrests and 38 percent of violent crime arrests, White Americans represent 66 percent of the arrests for property crimes and 60 percent of the arrests for violent crimes.The environment has a lot of affect on how these people
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