Deviated Septum Essay

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Deviated Septum

Your septum is the wall of cartilage inside your nose that separates the hollow space (nasal cavity) between your nostrils. Normally the septum is straight. It divides the nasal cavity into two parts. A deviated septum means this wall is not in the center of the nasal cavity.

A deviated septum can lead to stuffiness and other problems with the flow of air through your nose. It can also block your sinuses and keep them from draining properly. This can lead to repeated (chronic) sinus infections. One side of the nose is often affected more than the other.

Causes of a deviated septum include:

Injury to the face or nose.

Being born with the condition (congenital defect).


You may be at greater risk
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Frequent sinus infections (sinusitis).


Facial pain.

Excess mucus at the back of the throat or nose (postnasal drip).

Noisy breathing while sleeping.


Your health care provider may suspect a deviated septum based on your symptoms or after an injury. Your health care provider will also do a physical exam to check the outside and inside of your nose. The health care provider may use a special instrument to widen your nostril (nasal speculum) and a bright light to check the inside of your nose. You may be referred to a health care provider who specializes in ear, nose, and throat disorders (ENT or otolaryngologist) for more tests and treatment.

If your deviated septum is mild, you may not need treatment. If it is severe, you may need surgery to correct the deviated septum (septoplasty). Depending on the cause of your deviated septum, this procedure may be combined with sinus surgery or surgery to change the shape of your nose (rhinoplasty).

Take medicines only as directed by your health care provider.

Do not blow your nose.

Do not hold your breath.

Apply ice to the area that hurts:

Put ice in a plastic

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