Deviation In Pride And Prejudice Quotes

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Deviation – The important issue of the intolerance towards Deviations is shown through the extreme reaction of Joseph to David’s comment; “I could have managed it all by myself if I’d had another hand” in which Joseph responded with “… You – my own son – were calling upon the Devil to give you another hand!” (Chapter 3. Page 26). Throughout the novel, the theme of Deviation is a constant them that is continuously carried along the story and is in fact the main focus of the book. The attitudes brought forward to the protagonists, for this reason, is an important factor in deciding how the reader will view them and will also impact their choices on their future course of action. However, if they had been accepted by society, the telepaths including David, Rosalind, and Petra would not have chosen to run away from society and run such a risk to their lives. Attitudes that had been taken against the telepaths and other Deviations consists of prejudice, open hatred, isolation and even killing intent. Those attitudes can be seen as an example from…show more content…
His mind has not yet been tainted or brainwashed into believing what his father, and the bigger part of the community believe. Because of all this, he’s able to learn new things and think for himself. If the story was told in a different perspective of another character, such as Joseph Strorm (David’s father) it would have been much narrower in thoughts and explanations because of the type of character Joseph is, and the way he lives life. Ethical Issues In Waknuk, it is believed that tribulation was sent by God because of the ‘irreligious arrogance’ behaviour of the old people. Because of this, God sent tribulation. Now the Waknuk people believed that if they seek for forgiveness from God. He would return them to the restoration of the Golden age. This also the reason why the Waknuk community is known for its
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