Devil In The White City Book Report

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1. Copy a short passage that you found to be interesting and explain why you found it interesting/why it is an example of good writing. “If evenings at the fair were seductive, the nights were ravishing. The lamps that laced every building and walkway produced the most elaborate demonstration of illumination ever attempted and the first large-scale test of alternating current. The fair alone consumed three times as much energy as the entire city of Chicago. These were important engineering milestones, but what visitors adored was the sheer beauty of seeing so many lights ignited in one place at one time.” (Larson, 254) I found this passage to be very riveting and alluring. Reading this excerpt we get an insight of how the author views the 1839…show more content…
I didn’t have much knowledge on the evens around that time, but after reading the book I have not only learned about the lives of Daniel Burnham and H.H. Holmes but the historical events that took place which changed the American history. Throughout the book Larson pieces Birmingham’s story carefully and slowly, giving me an understanding of how The World 's Columbian Exposition came to be. "The White City had drawn men and protected them; the Black City now welcomed them back, on the eve of winter, with filth, starvation, and violence"(Larson, 323). This quote gave me a better understanding of Chicago around the time this book took place. The Chicago World’s Fair had created a sense of pride for its citizens. The White City, represents a time of prosperity and great opportunity of economic growth, along with the positive changes for women 's rights. Black City took over once the elegance of the world 's fair had vanished. Many lost their jobs and Chicago entered into a great depression. The book gave me an understanding of the importance of the World’s fair and how it has effected the citizens giving everyone hope and pleasure. Once the fair has ended I got to whiteness the reality of Chicago life, giving me an insight on the setting of the
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