Devil Wears Prada Reflection

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1th June - Monday Today, I came across a film named ‘Devil wears Prada’ and I watched it. The leading roles in the film is Andrea Sachs and Miranda Priestly, which was played by Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep respectively. They are some of my favourite actors in English films. From the movie, I think that it shows us more about the fashion industries in United States. Although it was a movie in 2006, it still shows us some things that will still happen in our workplace no matter where or when you are. The plot starts off with Andrea, who knows nothing about fashion and looking for a job. She was called for an interview in Runway, a fashion magazine. Miranda, who is the editor-in-chief hired Andrea as her junior personal assistant. Miranda was very disappointed with Andrea’s fashion senses and attire. In order to keep her job, Andrea change her way of attire. After some time, Andrea was given a chance to be the first personal assistant replacing Emily, the senior personal assistant. She took the chance in order to have a better future after she quit this job. This example always happen everywhere regardless of where you work in. A lot of back-stabbing will be involved in every workplace in every industries and we need to learn to cope with it. This will be what I have learned from this movie. 2nd June - Tuesday When I turned on the radio today, the DJs are discussing on the topic of “ What is the appropriate age for children to be expose to high-technology gadgets?” This is

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