Devil's Arithmetic Analysis

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Have you ever read a book to get ready for the movie coming out, but when you watch the movie all you can do is compare the two. It’s the most annoying thing because you expected the book but you get a new version of it and sometimes it’s not as good. Sometimes they leave out important characters, or they leave out cool events, or sometimes the message isn’t the same. This will be comparing Devil’s Arithmetic. Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen and the movie made in 1999 is a story about a girl named Hannah who is jewish and has to go to her Family’s house every year for passover. Hannah is named after her Aunt Eva’s friend, who is now deceased. Aunt Eva is the only one Hannah gets along with well. When Hannah is going to open the door for the prophet Elijah she is transported back into the 1940’s. She is with her aunt Gitl when they are going to a wedding, when they get to the wedding they are taken to the camps. They have their heads shaved and arms tattooed, but not every makes it that far. Hannah is just trying to survive the camps while her memory from the…show more content…
The book was well written and really made you think about what happened during WW2. The movie was also good because it showed you what things looked like and gave you some imagery for each character. I would say I liked the book better but it might be because I read the book first. When I read a book and enjoy it then watch the movie and see all the differences it annoys me that they made it after the movie but it isn’t like the book in so many ways and I really enjoyed the book. Still I would recommend the book and movie to anyone older than 10 because it gets a little grotesque in some parts, but it was still a good movie/book with a good plot and was very enjoyable to read/watch. Try when watching a movie you already read the book, think of all the good similarities and you are definitely going to make the movie seem so much
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