Devil's Arithmetic Movie Vs Book

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In the book of The Devil’s Arithmetic and in the movie by the same name, there is one central theme. The saddening theme of remembering what the past is for the Jews and what they struggled with. In the time period these historical fiction stories took place, the Holocaust was just beginning. This was a very dark time for all Jews. Today Jews still face prejudice, in almost every single country. These stories are here to help us remember. Even if there is this depressing tale with this emotionally scarring theme, there will always be differences in the ways a story is told. The movie is a way for people to visualize the book better in some ways, or to help the readers to remember and to see things that they might have missed reading. Then they might go back to the book, back and forth, back and forth. Until they understand and will always remember the horrible truth of what happened. Then every day they can tell others to never forget. These simple, yet gruesome stories are what fuels the…show more content…
The movie did seem to exclude some characters that were somewhat important, and change their personality. For instance, in the book Grandpa Will was yelling at the television and in the movie he was more of a fun-loving guy. The fact that the movie never says the angel of death, except for one time at the end, in the book when they say this it puts an emphasis on that this thing or person is very corrupt. Not to mention the fact the main character, Hannah or Chaya, is a different age in the two stories. In the book Hannah is nice and around thirteen years old, while in the movie she wants to get tattoos and can drive. Even though at the end of the two stories Hannah still ends up as Hannah remembering the horrors of what she witnessed, somewhat changing her attitude in a
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