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First, the history of Devils Lake starts in prehistoric times. According to OnMilwaukee, an online news system, historians believe that during prehistoric times Devils Lake is now what it is because of glacial activity. Years ago, Devils Lake was surrounded in huge mountain ranges but through weathering and erosion has created the breathtaking bluffs and the large body of water there is today. One popular theory scientist have about Devils Lake is that years ago the Wisconsin River flowed through the gorge but the water became trapped between the glaciers. Over time the water trapped between the two glaciers became the well known lake. The lake became useful to many people throughout the ages. According to OnMilwaukee, evidence has come to the conclusion that 10,000 years ago prehistoric people used Devils Lake as shelter. Also, approximately 1,000 years ago Native Americans arrived and used the land for shelter and water. In 1832 the first non native american visited the park named John De La Ronde. News spread about Devils Lake and soon the first rail line was finished during the year of 1873. Then, in 1911, Devils Lake State Park became one of the first four state…show more content…
After the civil war, travelers would arrive by train and stay at hotels located along the shore line. But as the years went on, now, travelers stay at campsites at Devils Lake or in the surrounding Baraboo area. By the North shore, Devils Lake has 407 campsites. The area is home to about 8 miles of bike trails that wind around the bluffs. According to the Chicago Tribune, bird watchers come from all over too see the home of over 225 species of birds. One of the most common species of Devils Lake is the Turkey Vulture. All in all, Devils Lake has been a tourist attraction for hundreds of years and travelers from all over come to see the breathtaking views of Devils

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